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Project Roadmap
Disassemble Ambermoon
Generate a relocatable assembler listing.
Recompile Amiga version
Analyze what every subroutine is doing and give them meaningful names. Split the source code into smaller units. Will compile with vasm.
Translate to C code
Still using AmigaOS and the hardware specific stuff. Will compile with vbcc.
Port to SDL and improvements
Remove Amiga specific code, rewrite graphics and sound code. Adapt to different systems and configurations.

Where are all the pages gone?
For 9 years this website offered information gained from the reverse engineering efforts by myself and few other people. In the meantime, I have seen several Ambermoon or Thalion fansites and forums pop up and go down, the Amberworld project was referred to in many places and my tools were used by diverse people for diverse purposes. The project still has a download or two per month, although the files didn't change for years.

The pages you may be looking for will be replaced. The guesses and question marks will be replaced by real code from the game. Don't waste your time with resource files any longer!

The downloads on Sourceforge are still available if you're in need.

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